Ground breaking ceremony for Hong Kong’s first advanced PET and HDPE recycling plant

New Life Plastics held its official Ground-breaking on 25 September 2019 for the first advanced recycling plant to process polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) waste in Hong Kong.

The plant is under construction in the EcoPark Hong Kong, an industrial site for recycling and environmental technology. The new plant will consist of three processing stages: high-tech sorting, production of food-grade PET flakes and the manufacture of HDPE pellets. The food-grade PET flakes can subsequently be reused to produce new bottles, while the HDPE pellets can be used for high-quality products both in the consumer area and in industrial applications.

The joint venture between ALBA Group, Baguio and Swire Coca Cola combines the expertise and operational excellence of the three companies: ALBA provide the technology expertise for sorting and processing the delivered plastics into flakes and pellets. Baguio, the local partner specialising in collection and waste management will provide a comprehensive network of collection to the recycling plant. Swire Properties Ltd. will be responsible for designing and constructing the facility while Swire Coca Cola, as the largest manufacturer in the domestic beverages market will design a working plastic collection and recovery system.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Secretary for the Environment of the HKSAR Government, Mr. Wong Kam-sing said, “Plastic waste is a global challenge. I am happy to see Alba, Baguio and Swire Coca-Cola join hands to work on this plastics recycling facility which, will turn plastic waste into the highest quality food-grade ready plastic flakes. The plastic recycling facility falls perfectly in line with our plastic waste management and recycling work.”

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