We will process HK’s soft drink bottles (PET) and HK’s food and cleaning products bottles (largely HDPE) in a state of the art facility in Tuen Mun (Eco Park), to produce food grade quality rPET flake and high quality HDPE pellet. These will both be used in the re-manufacturing of PET and HDPE products.

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Our Mission

To drive high Collection rates in HK via Baguio for primarily soft drink PET bottles and general usage HDPE plastic bottles and general HDPE plastic bottles
To make sure these Collected volumes are Recovered at source, so are un-contaminated which provides high quality feedstocks
To process these feedstocks with as little yield loss as possible into food grade quality flake (rPET) and high quality pellet (rHDPE)
To provide transparency and validation on Collected, Recovered and Processed volumes of PET and HDPE – providing stakeholders with a Chain of Custody
Lastly, to aspire to zero harm and a constant culture of continuous improvement in our plant, we operate with full ISO accreditation

Our Vision

To be seen as a global role model for how to process post-consumer PET and HDPE, while also giving full transparency of yields and processed tonnages to all stakeholders.

Hong Kong Today

HK today has no policy around source separation of household and or office waste, therefore most ends up in landfill. HK is however working towards a Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) charging scheme, which if passed, could be the initial steps in implementing policy around better management of (and reduction of) MSW in HK.

So today, any so called recyclable material is largely reliant on its intrinsic value to pull it from the waste stream. This intrinsic value via largely informal Collection systems, leads to these recyclables being baled and exported for recycling.

Where We Need To Be?

HK needs a holistic MSW strategy that aims to minimize waste to landfill and incineration. All recyclables need to taken from their respective waste streams at source – so before contamination, and processed in state of the art recycling facilities. These should either be in HK or abroad subject to economies of scale and the economics of the logistics. NLP hopes to provide a solution to this issue, for post-consumer PET and HDPE recycling in HK.

JV Partners

The following companies, organisations, NGO’s, academic institutions etc are partnered with NLP on the Collection, Processing and Validation of their for their post-consumer PET and HDPE volumes.

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